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Not Your Average Nerd
Hidden Behind My Glasses, My Jacket & My Clothes. Bystanders, Peers Can Just Pass Me by (always With a Little Second Look to See If They Actually Saw It Right)

a Huge Muscle God Hidden Behind the Glasses & Jacket? No It Can't Be?

as Soon as My Jacket Comes Off, the Power of My Pecs Begin to Become Apparent.

my Pec's Are by Far My Largest Most Dominant Muscle.

if There Is Ever a Situation Where I Need to Take Control. Take Ownership, I Can Just Let My God Like Pecs Do It for Me.

i Find Myself In the Situation Where You Realise I Am Not Your Average Nerd.. and I Fucking Love the Attention When I Go From Geek to Hulk!

as I Strip Down to My Tiny Leather Thong, I Oil Up With Not Only One Type of Oil but Two.

i Glisten by Biceps, Glisten My Pecs & Abs and Demand Worship for the God Like Creation In Front of You...

your Reward? I Look Into Your Eye, Speak Softly, Loudly Into Your Ears That My Pecs Demand Your Cum.

i Don't Give Up Till My Big, Beautiful Bold Pecs Are Covered In Your Hot Inferior Cum


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