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Drink My Alpha Male Cum!
I Love the Smell of the Locker Room At the Gym, All That Sweat and Testosterone, It Gets Me Worked Up. It Does Something to Me, It Gets Me so Fucking Motivated and Ready to Exceed My Limits Once Again.

i Can Do That for You Too, but More Than Just Motivated I Know It Makes You so Horny! When I Finish a Workout and Let You Breathe In My Aroma It Drives You Wild With Lust. the Smell of My Sweat on My Rock Hard Body Sends a Signal Right Yo Your Cock, a Message That You Need to Be Ready to Cum.
as I Strip and Reveal Every Sweaty Inch of My Massive Body You Can Smell It Even More. My Ass Is Especially Ripe, Ready for You to Ram Your Nose Between My Solid Cheeks and Breath In My Masculinity.

as You Explore My Body You Get a Whiff of My Cock, the Precum Has Been Leaking Out of My Dick for Hours While I Thought About How You Would Really Worship Me. My Balls Are Damp, That Sweet Musty Smell Is Rising Up Between Us as Your Own Wet Cock Grinds Against Mine.

within Minutes We're Both Slick With Sweat and Precum, My Incredibly Powerful Body Is Bulging and Veined All Over as We Turn Our Attention to Satisfying Our Dicks.

you Know Cum Is Packed With Protein, Vitamins and Minerals, I Know You Want My Alpha Male Cum, It's Like an Elixir for You, Motivating You to Worship Me Better Than Anyone Can as I Feed You Your Reward!


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